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I’ve decided to run a promotion - 7 day free trial - in an attempt to broaden the audience of the Bundesliga Bulletin. You can get it by clicking below:

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Since I started what I believe is still the first Bundesliga newsletter with an analytical focus, there have been over 70 pieces - analysis articles, scouting reports, match breakdowns, deep dives, tactical insights, league-wide trends, previews and discussions in text format and via several podcasts with experts around the Bundesliga in a little over 13 months. The goal is to continue along this path and perhaps add a few tweaks: more discussions (apparently you have chats on here as well) on some coaches and playing styles, have some more interviews, write on a couple classic matches and players in the near future. We shall see when the Bundesliga returns (the current in my view optimistic plan is to start games early May, either on the 2nd or the 9th), but in the meantime I thought I would open up the newsletter to more people who want to consume more Bundesliga content.

Thanks and let me know how you like it and if you do, please

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