COVID 19 in historical context and how it affects the Bundesliga - with Constantin Eckner


Hello! Rather than talking about Bundesliga tactics, which we might have to get back to at some point in time, we discussed a number of topics with Spielverlagerung Editor in Chief, Constantin Eckner.

-The discussion starts with a feuilleton, Constantin, who is a historian, wrote for Neue Zürcher Zeitung on the “Spanish” flu of 1918 and the differences to COVID19

-at about the 7 minute mark, we discuss the financial and other implications on German football as the initial responses by the powers that be (Watzke, Rummenigge, Seifert) as well as the fans

-around 20 minutes we talk about how the DFL is trying to resolve the issues and explore potential scenarios and the difficulties due to the different moving parts (local laws, Euro 2020, etc)

- How has it affected football, TV and subscriptions? - we try to answer those questions at the 35 minute mark

-Should the organizers try to think outside the box in terms of schedule? What sort of arguments are the for and against?

-How to cope in these times and looking ahead?

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