BVB-Paderborn and all things SCP07 with Mr.Paderball


This is a teaser of the podcast with Jan Gabriel Hartel of, to hear the whole episode (72 minutes)

11 Freunde: Zur Mitte der Hinrunde, nach dem 4:4 gegen den SC Paderborn, schrieb der »Paderball«… 
Tim Walter Oh, der Text war toll. Den habe ich gern gelesen.  

11F: In the middle of the Hinrunde, after the 4:4 against Paderborn, a blog called Paderball wrote….

TW (then Holstein Kiel coach): Yes, that was a great post, really enjoyed it!


When a 2. Bundesliga head coach as innovative as Tim Walter discusses a football blog, it’s enough of an accomplishment in of itself. It certainly is for Jan Gabriel Hartel, the founder of the wonderful website Paderball, a tactics blog on his favorite team, SC Paderborn. Since I discovered the German language blog, it’s not only become my go to destination about Steffen Baumgart’s team, but a valuable tool in learning about SCP’s match plans, squad management and overall footballing outlook. I first noticed Paderborn in what was my first time in Sport Tv’s studio in a semi-official capacity, observing their 6-0 loss in the DFB Pokal in February, 2018. The game, which is available on Footballia, showed a super ambitious high-pressing team take the game (and get punished for it) to Bayern, and despite the gaudy scoreline, it was a fascinating game. I had made a mental note to watch Paderborn and sometime during last year, when I found out about Paderball. I quickly became fascinated with their 2.Liga matches, watching several of them. My plan to have Jan as soon as they made it to the Bundesliga didn’t materialize as SCP’s early struggles (despite some entertaining\brave football in Leverkusen and against Bayern) saw them in last place.

But now after what, despite giving up a 3 goal lead in Dortmund, is still a remarkable result, we should as Jan put it in his blog post: “Smile because it happened”.

  • We began our discussion with Steffen Baumgart’s role at SCP, what makes him so unique

  • at the 10 minute mark then switched to how SCP used a quick counterattacking\pressing 4-2-3-1 vs BVB, whose 4-2-3-1 was one of slow ball-possession and poor positions by the fullbacks

  • the issues with BVB’s CBs in possession and the lack of halfspace occupation

  • Witsel vs Vasiliadis

  • Jadon Sancho vs Jamilu Collins

  • Dortmund’s pressing issues

  • The improvements after the triple subs and the rest of the 2h

    At around the 43 minute mark, the conversation switches to Paderborn’s season so far, with an insightful breakdown on each squad member! Thanks to Jan, for what is sure to be an enjoyable deep-dive on the BVB-SCP match and Paderborn in general!

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