Bundesliga and big 5 GKs with Aidan Reagh


The guest for this podcast is American performance analyst Aidan Reagh, who focuses on goalkeepers and is known to appear on Bundesliga podcasts, as well as this newsletter:

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You can and should follow him on Twitter and check out his chart on Bundesliga and big 5 GK’s comparing Post Shot xG and average distance from goal:

On the episode we spend the first 30 minutes discussing and evaluating some of the Bundesliga’s best performing goalkeepers, figure out what makes them elite. We also touch on some of the not so great seasons from a GK perspective, talk data and eye test and other ways to evaluate GK performance.

In the last 20 minutes or so, we go through some of the known transfers in the Bundesliga (Gikiewicz, Schwolow) and discuss some potential targets at the goalkeeper position.