ANNOUNCEMENT: new season, new plans

As July comes to a close, the 2019\20 Bundesliga season is within touching distance. I mean, we actually have a Supercup scheduled for this Saturday, so the Bundesliga is definitely upon us.

With a new season, this newsletter is also undergoing some new changes: there will still be some free content (ideally one every week or so), but paid subscriptions are going to be a thing. 5$ for a month, or 50$ for a year.

What will it include:

in-depth (and I don’t use this word lightly) preseason coverage of all 18 Bundesliga teams including, but not limited to

  1. background info and featured pieces on teams

  2. squad analysis, breakdown of team needs

  3. podcasts, interviews with experts

  4. player features - XI players under 23 (and under 1,000 minutes played last season) who might make an impact in the Bundesliga this season

During the season there will be:

  • continued match analysis

  • set piece breakdowns

  • tactical trends

  • live chat, discussion during\after matches

  • interviews with players\coaches\authors in and around the Bundesliga


You can also gift those subs if you happen to have an uncle\cousin\friend\significant other who is dying to read more analysis of German football in English

Give a gift subscription

Looking forward to what promises to be the most exciting Bundesliga season in years!